Goran Visnjic
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Full Name
Goran Visnjic
Sept 9, 1972
Croatia, Yugoslavia
Years Active

Goran Visnjic (born September 9, 1972) plays Dragan Armansky in the remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.


Goran Visnjic is a Croatian-born American actor who appears in American and British films and television productions. Visnjic is best known for his role as Dr. Luka Kovac on the NBC television series ER. He is married to Eva Visnjic and is the son-in-law of Croatian film director, Antun Vrdoljak.

Personal lifeEdit

Visnjic is married to Eva Visnjic, a Croatian artists-sculptor. Upon moving to the United States in the late 1990s, Goran Visnjic adopted a simplified spelling of his name. His wife also changed her name from Ivana Vrdoljak to Eva Visnjic. Goran and Eva Visnjic have three children: two sons, Tin and Vigo, a daughter named Vivien Sofia.


Visnjic was the youngest actor to be chosen for the title role in Shakespeare's Hamlet at the Dubrovnik Summer Theater Festival. Visnjic was originally cast as Laertes, but took over the role when lead actor dropped out of the production shortly before the first performance. He portrayed Hamlet for seven years from 1994 to 2000, winning several Orlando Awards. Prior to ER, Visnjic had small speaking roles in several films. While starring on ER, Visnjic worked on other projects. He starred in the British film Close Your Eyes, alongside Shirley Henderson and Miranda Otto. He co-starred in The Deep End; had a voice role in Ice Age, and starred in Doctor Sleep. In 2004, he starred in the television miniseries Spartacus and the next year appeared with Jennifer Garner in Elektra.


Leverage (TV Series) (Damien Moreau) 2010

The Deep (TV Miniseries) (Samson) 2010

Beginners (Andy) 2010

Tito (TV Miniseries) (Andrija Hebrang) 2010

The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler (TV Miniseries) (Stefan Zgrzembski) 2009

Helen (David Leonard) 2009

ER (TV series) (Dr. Luka Kovac) 1999-2008

Elektra (Mark Miller) 2005

Spartacus (TV Miniseries) (Spartacus) 2004

Long Dark Night (TV miniseries) (Ivan Kolar) 2004

Ice Age (Voice) (Soto) 2002

Close Your Eyes (Michael Strother) 2002

The Last Will (Bepo) 2001

The Deep End (Alec Spera) 2001

Commited (Neil) 2000

Practical Magic (Jimmy Angelov) 1998

Rounders (Maurice) 1998

The Peacemaker (Bazta Sargeant) 1997

Welcome to Sarajevo (Risto Bavic) 1997

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