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Hans-Erik Wennerström
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Owner of Wennerström corporation, private supplier for foreign organizations

Hans-Erik Wennerström was Mikael Blomkvist's nemesis in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Physical DescriptionEdit

The Girl With the Dragon TattooEdit

As a symbol of financial corruption, Wennerström is important.

[…] the Wennerström empire of obscure companies was linked to the heart of the international Mafia, including everything from illegal arms dealing and money laundering for South American drug cartels to prostitution in New York, and even indirectly for child sex trade in Mexico. (Epilogue.33)

The book that Mikael writes about him in the end is called The Mafia Banker.

Wennerström is shot three times in the head in a Spanish apartment after Lisbeth gains control over his Cayman Island account and subsequently, he fails to pay back debts to a Columbian cartel.

in the ending of film Wennerström had killed himself after Lisbeth used evidence and reconds against him


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