Help us to figure out the significance of these references in the Epigraths in The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest.

  • The American Civil War (Epigraph to Part 1)
  • The Amazons (Epigraph to Part 1)
  • Winston Churchill (Epigraph to Part 1)
  • Joseph Stalin (Epigraph to Part 1)
  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Epigraph to Part 1)
  • Semiracas (Epigraph to Part 1)
  • Nineveh (Epigraph to Part 1)
  • Boudicca (Epigraph to Part 1)
  • Homer, The Iliad (Epigraph to Part 2)
  • Hippocrates (Epigraph to Part 2)
  • Galen (Epigraph to Part 2)
  • Saddam Hussein (10.25)
  • Dioduras (Epigraph to Part 3)
  • Queen Myrina (Epigraph to Part 3)
  • Bill Clinton (16.166)
  • Stanley B. Alpern, Amazons of Black Sparta (Epigraph to Part 4)


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