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Plague is a computer hacker and associate of Lisbeth Salander. He claims to be on disability.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Salander describes Plague as "six foot two and 330 pounds." Salander "had always felt like a midget next to Plague." She accuses him of never taking a bath and suggests that she might come by more if he did.

The Girl With the Dragon TattooEdit

Lisbeth and plague

Plague shows off his electronic "cuff"

Lisbeth buys a "computer cuff" that Plague designed. She uses it to hack into Hans-Erik Wennerström's computer and create a complete copy of his hard-drive on a separate server. In the film version, he also lets Lisbeth use one of his old computers.

The Girl Who Played With FireEdit

He's a big dude. Like really big, gargantuan in size.

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's NestEdit

Plague helps Lisbeth hack into several computers while she is under arrest in the hospital. In order to receive the internet service needed to power the internet in her room, Mikael Blomkvist smuggles a cell phone into the air vent in her room.