Narrator: This fella is so sleepy, he can't finish a dream without nodding off. When the Sandman visits him, he brings a dump truck. His snores are so loud, they frighten thunder. Sheep count him to go to sleep. Meet Sleepy!

Sleepy: (yawning) Hi there. (snores)

Card Edit

Info Edit

  • Voiced by: Stephen Stanton
  • Nickname(s): Snoozy (by Hildy) Snoozer (by Grim) Poopsie (by Grim) Derpy (by Hildy, James, and Grim) Sleepy head (by Ally)
  • Occupation: Miner
  • Goal: To snooze day and night
  • Instrument: Trumpet
  • Gender: Male
  • Hair: White
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Eye shadow: Blue

Life Edit

  • Family: Grandpa Sleepy
  • Likes: Playing Trumpet, Being sleepy, Night, Cut eggs, The Sandman, Sleeping in other people's beds, Blue, Burpin' Burger, Dairyland
  • Dislikes: Being lazy, Grumpy getting bullied, Ally's puns and pranks, Day, The word YOLO, Aloha Beach, His friends feeling sad, Grumpy whistling

Description Edit

Sleepy is one of the nine dwarfs who help protect Jollywood in The 9D. He's always sleepy, but never lazy. He is voiced by Stephen Stanton.

Appearance Edit

Sleepy is short and has light yellow skin, blue eyelids, a pure white beard, blue eyes, and an L-shaped peach nose. Sleepy's everyday attire consists of a long blue and indigo striped nightcap with a purple line, blue and indigo striped pajamas, and gray shoes.

Personality Edit

Sleepy is frequently tired and is sometimes