The timelines of the stories in books are, generally, supposed to correspond with the existing timelines in movie adaptations derivated of each one of their respective stories. The Millennium movies, supposedly, use the correct timeline as in it's books (late 2002). But, if we pay some attention (not necessarily much) in some details during the movies (The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo, both versions), we can notice that there are many aspects that don't fit right in the period in which the story is being told. One of the most explicit examples i've found was the model of the device that Mikael is using during some scenes of the british version of The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo, a Sony NW-A840 Walkman, which was only realsed in october 2009. That simple example shows that, rather the movie producers didn't care much about the compatibility of the aspects, or they did it porpousely, attempting to set the period as being 7 years later (late 2009). There is not only one aspect (the one above), there are planty more, the cars and computers in the movie are some of those.

NOTE: Harriet "died" in 1966 in the book and in the movie as well, and Blomkvist was hired by Henrick 36 years after the event, meaning that the right period of time in movie should be the same as the book (late 2002).

NOTE 2: Both versions, the british and the swedish versions of the first chapter, happend at the same period.