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  • I was born on July 22
  • Babyjabba

    The amazing Noomi Rapace went from a beautiful, feminine young actress to a rail thin, pierced hacker in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo! The day after landing the "role of a lifetime" she started a soul crushing regime of kickboxing, diets, and piercings.

    “I started the very next day on a diet. No bread, pasta, potatoes, no candy and no alcohol. All protein and vegetables. It was pretty hard."

    “I wanted to get rid of my female softness through Thai boxing and kick boxing. I wanted to be more like a boy in my body. Lisbeth’s athletic, she’s anorexic, but she can fight. She’s almost cartoonish, like a female action hero. I wanted to humanize her."

    “I told Niels I wanted to fight in the fighting scenes, no stunt people. I wanted to wake up some…

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