The Vanger Corporation was founded and run by the retired industrialist Henrik Vanger who, in the inciting incident of the The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, hires Mikael Blomkvist to look into the late disappearance of his grand niece Harriet Vanger, whom Henrik believes was murdered 40 years ago by one of the many members of the Vanger dynasty, many of whom were present on the island of Hedeby the day she disappeared.

Martin Vanger, grand nephew of Henrik, took over as CEO of the Vanger Corporation after Henrik steps down.

Dirch Frode is the Vanger Corporations' inhouse legal counsel.

Berger and Henrik make a deal and Vanger Corporation becomes a partner with the financially-hurting Millennium. Blomkvist is mad because Henrik and Erika have been plotting the deal for weeks behind his back. Making the deal without him is Erika's revenge on Blomkvist for leaving her alone in Stockholm to deal with Millennium.